•Current features editor of eatart magazine

•FINALIST FOR CBC Literary Awards creative non-fiction prize:
"Line of control" 2008

•Winner of the Lush Triumphant Literary Contest Subterrain magazine:
"Bukowski my boilermaker"2007

•Finalist for Western Magazine Awards - human experience:
"Bukowski my boilermaker"2008

The Currency of Curiosity

eatART Magazine - 2500 WORDS

Volume 1 - 2013

Feature Article about Titanoboa, the 50ft electro-mechanical snake robot .

this is east van 2

Community Photography Project

Spring 2012

Photo essay about the culture and style of East Vancouver. Two Photos contributed.

this is east van

Community Photography Project

Spring 2011

Photo essay about the culture and style of East Vancouver. Four photos contributed.

Ascending A Dragon

The Climber Magazine, 4000 words

Autumn 2009

Four wanderlust climbers learn (the hard way) how to fall into the salty waters of HaLong Bay, Vietnam.

Ascending A Dragon

Wend Magazine, 4000 words

Summer 2008

Reprint of above story.

El Castillo Illegal

Climbing Magazine, 1000 words

June 2008

A brief story about Havana’s underground climbing scene and their favorite route - a 16th century castle.


Climbing Magazine Issue 266

May 2008

Photograph published of climber on El Castillo Del Morro in Havana Cuba

The Eel, A Bird, and a Hovering Spear

Gripped Magazine, 2000 words

February 2008

The story of a misguided eel hunt one hot Christmas Eve in New Zealand.


NEVER TRUST A SMILING BEAR - Travel story compilation, 1000 words

October 2010

Reprint of the misguided eel hunt story.

Bukowski My Boilermaker

SubTerrain Magazine, 5000 words

March 2007

Tale of a young man's first week working in the dry docks of Esquilalt.

Rumble in the Jungle at Angkor Wat

The Globe and Mail - Travel 400 words

March 2007

Photographers and Chinese tourists come to blows at Angkor Wat's most famous temple.